Out of the Box

Update: The Out of the Box project has now concluded and the online resource that was the final output has gone live.

The Link to view is – http://www.outofthebox-grundtvig.eu/





Out of the Box – Citizenship Awareness across Europe

Over the next 2 years Waste to Wonder will be taking part in a collaborative pan European project funded by the EU through the Lifelong Learning Programme. Working alongside Expedition Inside Culture colleagues in Romania and Poland, and with the University Of Reading School Of Education, we will be developing a handbook which aims to define and proactively support citizenship awareness for young adults in Romania, Poland, and the UK. Through the European Shared Treasures (ETS) database this project will also be available to relevant organisations in all European countries. Waste to Wonder have almost 10 years’ experience in the CSR and Citizenship arenas and have delivered effective, demonstrable CSR (corporate social responsibility) and citizenship solutions to over 170 companies and charitable organisations throughout the United Kingdom and Europe, North America and Africa. As well as bringing this accumulated knowledge to the project we are also sharing our understanding of the challenges and benefits businesses experience in deploying citizenship and social responsibility themes into the corporate mind-set.

In April/May of 2012 Waste to Wonder and the University of Reading will be jointly hosting a workshop with learners and educators from the UK, Poland and Romania to develop a high level framework for the handbook, define a transnational understanding of citizenship and propose practical actions that young adults can partake in to further their individual understanding of citizenship. To this end we will be contacting some of our clients in the coming weeks to ask for their input into the project and to invite those who can attend to participate in the workshops. We are proud to work with organisations that have demonstrated and in many cases pioneered citizenship and corporate social responsibility practices as part of their business activities and we know how invaluable their input can be. If you would like to get involved please email Michael Amos on michael.amos@wastetowonder.com or call 08448 094 928.

We Need You!

Can you help us provide insight into how your business views csr and citizenship in a business context? If so please download and complete this quick Out of the Box Survey.

out of the box survey – PDF

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