About Us


Waste to Wonder are a Safe Contractor registered company that provides a unique ethical and environmentally sensitive approach to the managed disposal of no longer needed office equipment and IT.

With over 14 years in the CSR arena we are one of the pioneers in bridging the gap between companies with redundant but serviceable equipment and charities and good causes locally and around the world who have a need for such equipment.

ISO14001, WEEE and other legislative systems are ensuring that environmental compliance remains at the forefront of business critical decision making.

The Waste to Wonder process ensures the following environmental impact benefits are achieved:

  • Reduced Carbon Dioxide emissions
  • The environmental impact of creating a new item is eliminated
  • Reduced consumption of natural resources and energy
  • Reduce land area required to assimilate solid waste
  • Reduce landfill greenhouse emissions.

The Waste to Wonder process unlocks several key CSR benefits:

  • Redeploying equipment through Waste to Wonder supports local and international educational, and charitable causes and generates internal and external goodwill.
  • Disadvantage children have access to educational resources that may be otherwise unobtainable.
  • Demonstrate commitment to your environmental and CSR policies

It delivers all of these benefits in a risk managed, cost effective, and simple process which compliments your existing initiatives.

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